I love living in the country

Overheard while waiting in line this weekend at the local auto parts store:
Customer looking for a part: “you have anything that looks like this?” (shows him a small clip)
Clerk: “let me look” (goes in back for a few minutes)
Clerk: “this doesn’t look the same, but it says on the label it’s the same thing.”
Customer: “Well, I tell you what, I’ll take these and try ’em and if they work, I’ll stop back by tomorrow morning before eleven and pay you for them. If not, I’ll give’em back. Sound like a deal?”
Clerk: “I’ll see you tomorrow. ”
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4 responses to “I love living in the country”

  1. Eric B Avatar
    Eric B

    If only!

  2. Jay Miller Avatar
    Jay Miller

    Yes, it would. Living in the country too Chris. And for the most part loving it!

  3. Chris Avatar

    Why just “for the most part”?

  4. joslyn Avatar

    no it would not happen in my town…sad.

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