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On the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, I got to thinking about people I’d like to meet. Certainly Mr. Lincoln is at the top of that list. But seeing as that isn’t going to happen there’s one other person I’d like to meet: someone that is actually in favor of the stimulus bill that just passed! I run in all sorts of circles – friends and work, around home, in the community. And amongst all my fairly diverse friends I have yet to talk to anyone who (A) knows what’s actually in the bill and (B) is in favor of it.
Sure there are a few that don’t seem to care, and others that don’t really know what’s in it beyond what they can get in 30 seconds from the McPaper (i.e. USA Today) or the nightly news. But I have yet to meet anyone who actually thinks what Congress just passed is a good idea.
So here’s a standing offer: the first person to leave a comment / send me a message who meets both criteria (knows what’s in it and is in favor of it) gets a free lunch. Of course there is a catch: at this free lunch you’ll have to explain your position to me in detail, so you’ll have to eat fast because you’ll probably have to talk a lot. For the rest of you, if there are any questions you’d like me to ask of this first responder, leave them in the comments below as well.
I wonder who I have a better chance of actually meeting…this person or Lincoln?






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  1. Chris Avatar

    Absolutely. Next time I make it down to Texas when you are there or out to Iowa. Really want to dig in to why you think this will work. It's 5 months later and I'm still puzzled. Seems to me all we've done is inflate the money supply and delayed the inevitable.

  2. Jay Miller Avatar
    Jay Miller

    Have read it front to back… I’d venture I’m one of the few in the USA that has done that, including our representatives who passed it.
    And am in favor of it… well, sort of. I’m in favor of the stimulus pkg concept. And I’m in favor of several aspects of the pkg. But to be 100% honest, there are parts of the ARRA that I’m not in favor of.
    So, do I get the free lunch?

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