Answer to my post the other day: what else can go wrong

Short version: I crashed my car up a bit last night.
Long version: never in my life have I seen 1/4 of rain cause so much havoc. In the Cincinnati area we have been in a bit of a cold spell for the last few days. Never getting out of the 20s in the day and always into the single digits at night. That pretty much froze up everything so when some of the weather that has been causing so many problems out west moved our way last night at first I thought it was going to be a good thing that it was supposed to warm up a bit. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
I headed out yesterday at around 4 for an errand that would normally take about 15 minutes. It took 3.5 hours! In that time I traveled a total of 14 miles and saw more than 20 accidents and participated in one. The warm up took us just to 32 degrees (that’s the freezing point in F for any of my International readers ;-)) so everything that came down in liquid was immediately turned to solid. The ice was every almost at once and there was no place to go and no way to get there. Four wheel drive trucks were spinning off the road. I saw one car simply stop and then slide sideways off the road because there was a little bank in the section they stopped in.
My little fender bender happened when I finally got to my exit ramp. A 4WD Tahoe with all four wheels spinning was sliding backwards right at me. I decided to try to get out of its way (letting it hit the car behind me…sorry to whomever that was!). Although I was successful in dodging the truck, I wasn’t so successful in stopping after the dodge before sliding into the guard rail. So my passenger quarter panels are all dented up. Fortunately there was no major damage and everything happened at super slow speed, so I was able to crawl the rest of the way home in 1st gear so as not to slide.
I think I’m staying home for the rest of vacation!






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  1. Fleep Tuque Avatar

    Yikes! Glad you were ok (sorry about the Tahoe) and VERY glad I finished all my shopping and errands the day before so I wasn't stuck in the same boat! Seems to be all rain here in Green Township on the west side of the city, no ice yet – and I hope it stays that way for the long drive tomorrow.
    Hope you have a great holiday break with the family and best wishes for a great New Year!

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