What more can go wrong?

Well it’s been an exciting Christmas break so far. Things got off to a great start when on Friday, I lost my wedding band somewhere in the barn! 4 hours of searching on Friday and Saturday (including the use of a useless rented metal detector) and no ring. Having given up hope, we started to clean things up and lo a behold it was in the one place I was sure it wouldn’t be (a stall that I only went into after I had realized I had lost it). Saturday and Sunday passed mostly without incident (I got to use my new log splitter so there was a chance something could have gone horribly wrong, but fortunately all I ended up with was split wood). Then yesterday we wake to find one of our furnaces out of commission after the coldest night of the year! A few hours of poking around finally lead us to a frozen over air inlet and it fired right up. Next, DeAnna went to the barn and discovered that we had left the water partially open and although it didn’t really leak much, it was flowing enough to freeze in the pipe. After a few hours of wrapping a heating pad around it, it finally thawed and doesn’t seem to have burst.
All in all I guess we are coming out OK, but I was kind of hoping that things would be a little more relaxing!

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