Oh the agony

What agony you ask – the agony of being a Cincinnati Bengal’s fan.  I guess I blame my father for taking me to games when I was a kid.  Never really liked them at the time (Riverfront was COLD in December), but flash forward 15 years and I found myself a season ticket holder in the taxpayer funded Paul Brown Stadium (a condition that will gladly come to close at the end of this season).  The Bengals are, to put it in a word, awful.
However, a sign has emerged that there may be at least some entertainment value left in following the Bengals: WhoDeyRevolution.  I found this site a few months back and quickly added it to my Google Reader daily feed list.  There project mayhem series has been quite entertaining to follow.  It almost makes me want to use my last remaining tickets to the Chiefs game just to take part in the mayhem (that and the fact that I can’t sell them ;-)).
WhoDeyRevolution: PMT6 – Put Your Yellow on Our Brown: A View from the Inside

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