My new deal

Another iPhone post, so leave a comment if autocorrect makes something non-sensical.
I’ve been holding off doing a post on the financial crisis, but have had some time to digest everything and have seen enough to know this isn’t a media invented event to sell ads and keep us tuned in to 24 hour news channels. This is real and the effects will be long lasting. Unfortunately, I don’t have any answers either – just more questions.
1 – one congressman was quoted on the bailout as saying something to the effect of – why is it capitalism on the way up and socialism on the way down. The effects of the bailout and other interventions are changing the way that risk is assessed and value is determined. We only see the upside now: stop the bleeding. But everything must balance, so the question I have to ask is: what future upside are we eliminating for ourselves because we can’t take our medicine now?
2 – I have also avoided doing any political posts (twitter is a different story), but let it suffice to say that I am disappointed with my choices. I wonder what we’ve done to deserve government like this? But my real question here is: would any sane person actually want to be the next president? I mean, it will be nothing but hard decisions, bad news and broken campaign promises. And the month after the inauguration could be even worse.
3 – I saved the best for last. This is the one everyone would give their right (insert body part / organ you have two of and wouldn’t want to lose either of here) to find out: when will we hit bottom? And the scarier side of that: is there a bottom.
This is the kind of month that makes you feel scared for your kids future. I only hope that I can look back on this like my parents did the 70s. And I really hope we get to have the next decade as cool as the eighties!






2 responses to “My new deal”

  1. Lisa Avatar

    Damn, Chris. I’m going to have trouble falling asleep tonight! I think I’ve got some wine around here somewhere….
    I am also disappointed with our choices. But, seriously, who but the biggest, self-absorbed, ego maniacs strive for presidency? I can’t even imagine the circus it will be when our children reach our age.

  2. Chris Avatar

    Sorry, will try to keep the downer posts to the morning time. I know how you all are when we travel with your wine, so don’t use my post as an excuse 😉
    I guess you have to have a ridiculous ego to want to be president (didn’t someone once say that anyone who wants to be president should automatically be banned from running?), but this time seems different. No candidate seems ready to face what they are going to have to deal with. Maybe I should go find someone who voted for FDR and ask if they thought he was ready?

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