Whirlwind travel

I’m going out on the road for pretty much the next 2 weeks straight. I leave Sunday for 5 days in Orlando for 2 days of internal meetings and then a few days of Eloqua training (one of the trainers, not the trainee this time). I get back late Thursday and then head out again the next Sunday – a little further the next time : Paris and London. I’ll be blogging for 2 days on the Siemens PLM software blog from our European user conference and then travelling to London to help deliver some more Eloqua training. Quite a way to start Q1!
Less than 24 hours after I get back from Europe, we’re going on a trail ride in Frankfort (KY) that benefits the equine rescue. Jam packed. Once I get past that, I should be home for a few weeks before heading out to SFO for Dreamforce, the salesforce.com users conference. Then back for a month before heading to Cancun for the global marketing kickoff. Looks like I will miss one of my personal goals for the year: NOT making platinum medallion on Delta.

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  1. hilby Avatar

    It could be worse. You could be going to Las Vegas tonight, home for a week…Hong Kong…home for a day…and then out to San Fran…and then to Cancun in Dec….(and you could be doing it all coach 😉

  2. Fleep Tuque Avatar

    I don’t know how you do it, that much travel would make me crazy. 🙂
    Two things, first your about page on this site seems to be throwing a 404 error, and the second is an article in case you haven’t seen it:
    SketchUp, Inkscape, and Ponoko Laser Cutting
    This Instructable will show how to use the SketchUp > to > Inkscape > to > Ponoko Laser Cutting pipeline with a little plugin that I’ve written. Meaning that all of your exact calculations in 3D can be preserved as a vector format in 2D for LASER CUTTING.
    Hope you have a bunch of great trips! =)

  3. Chris Avatar

    Fleep – what makes you think it’s not driving me crazy ;-)?
    Thanks for the 404…must have happened when I changed themes a while back. Should be fixed now.
    And double thanks for the instructable. That’s right down my alley.

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