My weekend wildlife experience


Death Defying Acts download In addition to getting a new member of the herd on Wednesday, I had another interesting wildlife experience on Saturday morning.  Our neighbors needed to swap out some hay since they just got some and it was a little green to give to their horses.  We still have some from last year which is well aged, so they brought over their trailer with 15 bales on it and I walked up to the barn to pitch down some bales.  I climbed up into the new loft I just put up a few months ago over the two new stalls to grab some timothy and as I grabbed the first bale, a raccoon with the HEAD THE SIZE OF A GRIZZLY BEAR popped up behind the rest of the bales.  Needless to say I hi-stepped across the loft towards the ladder amd thought for a split second about jumping.  Fortunately the raccoon was just as scared of me as I was of it, so it just froze.
My lovely and talented daughter, upon hearing of my ordeal from my lovely and talented wife, had to memorialize the encounter in a cartoon series.  Talented…isn’t she.

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  1. Fleep Avatar

    Muahaha! Your daughter really IS gifted, that’s hysterical. =)

  2. […] weeks ago a racoon decided to take up residence in the hay loft in my barn as was chronicled in a previous post.  I found out about the second attack yesterday.  It all started when we were driving back from […]

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