Day 0


Today is the day.  The corp blog Black Dawn trailer I have been working on in the background gets to sees the light of Google and RSS readers everywhere.  Hopefully it won’t impact things here too much, but there will be a definite shift of most of the PLM and future of manufacturing stuff over there.  That will mean this blog will become both a little more meta (talking about social production, social media and virtual worlds) and at the same time a little more personal (talking about what’s going on at home with the kids, horses and other wildlife we surround ourselves with here).  If all things go well the number and quality of posts on both should improve.  In conjunction with the new blog, I’ve also started an official twitter account for the company as well if that’s how you prefer to get your updates, check that out.  Time will tell, but I am excited to have the chance to start to speak for Siemens PLM Software in a more ‘official’ capacity now.  It should lead to some interesting place






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