The double (triple) work of being in the early majority


I’ve noticed a trend here lately: every time I have something I want to comment on or have a thought I want to share my first inclination is to send out a twitter (if it’s short or fleeting) or do a quick post. If its just a link, I will hit the button in my browser and it’s saved there for anyone that reads or subscribes to my feed as well as getting posted to twitter through twitterfeed (after a scrub in yahoo pipes to get the feed cleaned up). However, for some things I know in the back of my mind that some of the people that I would ant to see that blog post, tweet or link. So I end up emailing it to some people as well. This has two effects: the upfront extra work of getting the info out to two places and then the extra work of having two follow-up streams. Then there’s the opportunity cost of not having those follow-up streams connected – which impacts both my ability to process and connect the info and lessens the interaction between the responders.
So should I just leave these folks in the dust? Maybe start sending them links to my blog/twitter/ feeds as a hint? free haunting hour don t think about it the movie download





2 responses to “The double (triple) work of being in the early majority”

  1. Burhop Avatar

    My strategy is to this is kind of what you said.
    I mention what I saw on Twitter… or that I got some useful information from a blog… or the presentation I went to in Second life…
    It just seems to me some people need a bit more exposure or need to hear of the usefulnes of some technology before they make the plunge. In your case, it might be sending the link.
    So I try to grease the wheels for them in the hope I’ll have to deal less and less with the old methods.

  2. Rick Stavanja Avatar

    I guess I’ve lost my patience for the late adopters. Subtle (and even not so subtle) hints have really had any effect on them But what does work is to just leave them out of the loop. For example: text messaging… forget about twitter for a moment… The thing that got one of my friends to try it was to simply text other friends in front of him while we were at a game together. Before that, sending a text to him would simply generate an immediate returned call. No prolonged explanations worked… No rational arguments worked… No pleading even worked. Seeing me have fun with other people and excluding him did however.

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