Whoshouldifollow – leveraging the social graph in twitter

Saw a tweet today on this from Jeremiah Owyang about this site:

Who Should I Follow? | Twitter Friend Recommendations

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I have steadily building up the people I follow on twitter using the standard ways:

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  • Looking at the twitter streams of people in @replies to people I don’t follow from people I already follow
  • Following people that post often on topics I track
  • Using tweetscan to find subject matter experts in topics I am interested in
  • Using twitter local and the geo-location service in Twinkle on my iPhone to follow people in my local area
  • While I can’t find a description of how whoshouldifollow works, but I am guessing that it either scrapes or uses the API to look at the social graph of people I already follow and suggests people I should add based on people they follow.  The question I have is this: won’t this amplify the echo chamber effect in Twitter?  While it might be a way to build up a lot of people to follow, I wouldn’t recommend using it until you build up your organic list of people to follow to a couple hundred and then only sparingly, adding a few people at a time from the search results.






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