More simple ways to explain Synchronous Technology

SolidSmack takes a pass at coming up with a plain english expanation of what we announced yesterday:

If you want to explain it to me without all the big words, just tell me you can change the model without understanding how it was created. When a list of feature history doesn’t work right, that is dang attractive.

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That’s right on and what’s more when those direct changes are made, you still have the option to apply design rules later on you can – you haven’t limited what you can do later on by making direct edits.





2 responses to “More simple ways to explain Synchronous Technology”

  1. John Manderfield Avatar
    John Manderfield

    Upper level managers already think that complex 3D CAD models should take seconds to update, based on their understanding of the technology. The reality is far from it, depending on the type of model and who messed it up last 🙂 Saying the breakthrough will be 100x faster will result in engineers having more explaining to do.

  2. Chris Avatar

    John – understand the concern. Anytime expectations are set high, it can create problems for the folks that have to deliver on them. However, one of the key things that synchronous technology delivers is the ability to use a model regardless of ‘who messed it up last’ – which should get the results to upper level managers a bit more quickly.

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