Stalking the newsgang again


So I hopped on the newsgang live the last two days.  Yesterday was a politically focused show given the showdown in Ohio and Texas on Tuesday.    And I was even already with a juicytidbit from the local Ohio election: there are only 14,000 registered democrats in Clermont County (where I work), but there were over 33,000 democratic ballots requested.  IMHO, a combination of three things drove that:

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  • Republicans knew that McCain was going to walk away with the nomination, so they wanted their vote to actually count for something so they crossed the aisle.
  • Republicans knew that McCain was going to walk away with the nomination and wanted to make sure that he has the best shot to win the fall election so they crossed the aisle and voted for the Democratic nominee that McCain can more easily beat.
  • The Democratic party did a spectacular job in getting out the independent vote.
  • The interesting thing to think about is was any of those that was primarily responsible for the >2X request for dem ballots.  Now for me, that is stunning political insight, but I guess I haven’t risen the level of the newsgang live regulars since it was quickly passed over.  Or maybe it was really good and Steve felt bad about it since he let me close the show out…
    I also jumped on the show today, hoping to hear what was going on at Mix since I was offline for a lot of the day.  I had seen a few things on twitter on my phone about the iPhone announcements and immediately got to appear as a total Apple fanboi…but I have to say now that iPhone will support exchange (and likely get  3G radio at the same time), I so want one and am going to start saving my nickels now to buy one in chemical wedding






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