Letting 1,000 Leonardo’s bloom


This is one of those reports that ‘had me at hello’:

The next ten years will see a re-emergance of artisans as an economic force

I am only about halfway through the report (only could get in so much over lunch), but is a great read for anyone looking to get an overview of the enablers for the coming shift to social production of manufactured goods, especially in the second (Lightweight business infrastructures) and third (Borderless Business) sections. It’s an easy and worthwhile read. Highly recommended.

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Mass Customization & Open Innovation News: Great Report on User Manufacturing, Mass Customization, and How a New Infrastructure is Providing New Opportunities for SMEs
(As a side note, the quality of reports linked to by the guys at Mass Customization & Open Innovation News continues to rise. A report they posted on last week was a great summary of several of the top books on social production including the Wealth of Networks and Democratizing Integration. What’s more the second part of that report built a great bridge from social production to another topic of interest for me: Second Life. So, great job guys…although Amazon may be coming after you since my pace of ordering books from them has gone way down since I have spent a lot of time reading reports you have linked to rather than books from them. Link to that report ).





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