Cincinnati in the news

The question is why is it always bad? In my lifetime I can remember a few times when Cincinnati made the top of the national nightly news:

  • Larry Flynt…enough said (just do search – CAUTION: NSFW)
  • The Mapplethorpe photo exhibit…well, enough said again (same thing as the note above)
  • When we won the 1990 World Series.  I wasn’t a big baseball fan back then, nor did I realize the direction that Cincinnati sports would soon head. (Hint: we haben’t had a championship team in any pro sport since)
  • The 2001 Cincinnati riots.  In that one the office I worked in actually made in on the teaser for the story.  There was a hot dog stand out front and people had tipped it over and were throwing hot dogs down the street.  Man we know how to have a riot in Cincy!

And tonight.  I came home to do my run and flipped on the news and what do I hear about but how a local talk show host said introducing John McCain at a local rally.  I won’t repeat it all here (cause it was truly distasteful), but needless to say McCain will remember Cincy for a while as the place that let him spend all day apologizing for the comments of some crazy radio host rather than get his message across.  I would be the GOP campaign managers in southern Ohio are looking for new jobs tonight.
In the end it makes me really glad I live in Kentucky!






2 responses to “Cincinnati in the news”

  1. Scott Avatar

    Don’t forget Marge… and Pete…

  2. Chris Avatar

    Yeah, I guess I remember Pete on the national news. Don’t remember Marge though.
    Cunningham is on local news defending his actions. It make Cincy look awful!

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