Social production take a step forward next week at TED

TED is a great conference for new and emerging technologies, so this week and next are sure to be full of interesting announcements.  A pre-announcement that caught my eye today got a nice write-up on TechCrunh: First Look: Kluster’s Market Approach to Crowdsourcing.
At first glance (would love to get an invite to the beta, Kluster guys) it appears to be a open market similar to what P&G and Dell have setup for themselves on their own sites.  Buyers and sellers of ideas, concepts, products, etc. can meet and exchange what they have that is of value for dollars.   As I said in my post title I view this as a signal that we are starting into phase 2 of social production: the emergence of platforms.  There certainly are other general social production platforms out there, but none of them are well financed enough to get air time at TED.  And while money doesn’t mean everything, it means alot.
Now, what did I notice was missing (not that it’s not there…just not written about):  how will Kluster go beyond the individual and allow teams to form based on similar interests to compete for projects?  How will is provide tools to the users to let them focus on being creative and provide data richer than just text to the companies that decide to surf the crowd through their platform?  When questions like these get answered, we may well be on our way to phase 3.






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  1. Susan Cinadr Avatar

    Have you seen the new Cisco commercial with the skateboards? Some older dude sends a skateboard to the skaters (young kids), who snap a cell phone pic of a change they want made (different rounding on the front, new wheels, paint) after trying it out. They then talk about real time changes and it goes flying across a board room table. VERY VERY COOL!

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