Paul Buchheit on why great teams with great products can sometime fail

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So, just as a simple proof that there is business value in me following my twitter stream throughout the work day (not that anyone has asked…yet), I bring you this tweet from Jason Calacanis on a post from an engineer at Google, Paul Buchheit: The most important thing to understand about new products and startups.

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Paul has some pretty interesting things to say about why sometimes even the smartest teams with the best products don’t find success in the market.  The simple reason: because no matter how smart the team or how great the product, the market wasn’t interested.  What screamed out to me about Paul’s piece is that this is another reason why social production is making it’s way into all aspects of the product development process.  Social production eliminates the distinction between the ‘team” and the ‘market’ so there’s virtually no chance a product will be created that there the market is not ready for.  The old saw is true: people will support what they helped to create.  Markets and product development teams partying together!
And see, twitter does make you smarter!






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