Epiphany of the day: Why I am so interested in blogging

In full disclosure I actually had this epiphany yesterday, but work got in the way of posting about it, so here goes.  I was in some what of a reflective mood yesterday and was remembering some of my earliest days in the working world.  I like to think that I have stayed true to some of the ideals I held back then (back then…it was only 12 years ago!).  One ideal was that the best idea would always win.  I found out early that that wasn’t always true.  That politics and momentum can and do often get in the way of the best ideas.  But to this day politics and momentum don’t keep me from working on what I think are the best ideas, and when the chance presents itself, pushing them into the light for everyone to see.  The ideal of a meritocracy

is still central to my hope for what the working world can be like and what it sometimes actually turns out to be.
Now what does this particular ideal have to do with blogging (and the whole ‘social’ aspect of the web today)?  Simple really: while I try to shy away from political based networking (who knows who, who went to school with who, etc.), I seem to have an insatiable drive to network on the web.  Now this could be because I am ‘socially awkward’ (i.e a geek – please those of you that read my blog and know me confirm or deny in the comments), or it could be that through the social web I can network and connect with people based on the merit of their ideas.  If I find what someone is blogging/twittering/facebooking about interesting, I can subscribe/follow/friend them.  If they find what I have to say interesting, they can do the same to me.  If the interest wanes, it’s easy to sever the tie and there are little after effects – nothing like real world network ‘break-ups’.
So those of you long time bloggers out there, does this ring a bell?  Am I late to the party in realizing my motivations (so in addition to being socially awkward, I may also have self denial issues…great!).  Or do you blog for completely different reasons?
(BTW – I am NOT going to become one of those blogs about blogging…but I did find this insight rather…insightful, so I thought I would share)






2 responses to “Epiphany of the day: Why I am so interested in blogging”

  1. Dave B Avatar

    I guess I’m more of a free-loader because I don’t blog that much but subscribe to all the feeds. In just a few minutes I feel like I’ve covered so much ground. I enjoy reading everyone’s opinions and get updates on important issues.
    So please, keep the posts coming so I don’t get bored! 🙂
    When I was in elementary school I remember teachers trying to force us to write in a diary every day. All I could do was list what I had for lunch and which class I liked. There must be a skill to blogging/diary entries that I don’t have, but others do and there is a place for it. Communication is so important.

  2. Susan Cinadr Avatar

    Having known you for a few years now, I would have never thought you felt ‘socially awkward’. In fact, the few times we are in a big group, I observe OTHER people feeling awkward around you because your insight into technology and the web can be overwhelming and sometimes intimidating. (I see this in some of your peers as well as the worker bees)
    I somewhat agree with Dave. I struggle to find thoughts and opinions to blog about but love reading what others write. Who knew ants came in a test tube via the mail, but thanks to Ben, I now know. As for your blog, there are some items that totally disinterest me – ie: Autos. However, I am captivated about social media and your thoughts.
    I started a blog to gain experience. I wrote one while in China last year and I felt someone lonely with only a few comments. However, upon my return, almost all my friends told me they logged on daily to read what was happening on the other side of the world. It totally shocked me that so many people spent time reading my thoughts.
    Even if my blog gets a little boring for you, your opinion is still valuable as I continue to broaden my skills in the world of social networks. If you choose to stop following me, it’s totally cool and I would not be heart broken 😉

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