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Well if 2.0 has jumped the shark , then that must mean it’s time for 3.0: Web 3.0: Is It About Personalization? – ReadWriteWeb

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. I have seen a few write-up’s on what the next generation of web technology, but this is one of the nest short summaries I’ve seen (that I agree with):

“Web 1.0: Centralized Them. Web 2.0: Distributed Us. Web 3.0: Decentralized Me,” he wrote. “[Web 3.0 is] about me when I don’t want to participate in the world. It’s about me when I want to have more control of my environment particularly who I let in. When my attention is stretched who/what do I pay attention to and who do I let pay attention to me. It is more effective communication for me!”

The exciting part about this to me is that the directions in IT and manufacturing are converging: it’s all going to me about me (not me specifically, but each of you…maybe it’s the royal me?).






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  2. Dave B Avatar

    I see Web 3.0 a bit differently. I hear it described more as “the semantic web”. You can read my blog post on the subject at:
    (hey, a shameless plug!)
    It’s an interesting idea for the next step in the web. What if databases and web pages could talk to each other in a language everyone understands to convey what you want so you don’t have to struggle over options, preferences, and a thousand clicks? Some people say this is what can be done with Web 2.0. Perhaps time will converge on a common set of desires for Web 3.0?

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