Wither facebook

I know that my own usage would back up the claims in this article:
‘Facebook fatigue’ kicks in as people tire of social networks | The Register

But it’s not social networks that are wearing me down…it’s the closed nature of Facebook (and SecondLife for that matter) that keep me from being connected as often as a I should.  It’s easy to connect Twitter to my web footprint.  It’s easy to let a stream of tweets flow by in the left hand of my screen in Twhirl.  It’s just to hard to go to the facebook page and continually hit refresh to see what’s new.  Maybe I’m being too lazy?






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  1. Ryan Ragle Avatar
    Ryan Ragle

    I too have become lazy, first with myspace and now with facebook. The only thing that will get me going back is being pushed by emails. Seems like there needs to be a social networking local client to keep track of it all – kinda like flock.

  2. hilby Avatar

    “Stream of Tweets” great band name.

  3. ben smithson Avatar

    I agree with you. I was blogging on myspace for a while, but then it just got too much to manage. I wish these sites were more “open,” but I realize that there’s also good reasons for having some aspects of social networking closed (privacy).
    Another part of Facebook that I’m growing weary of is the incessant invitations to joins this-and-that applications. “Would you like to join the vegetarian vampires who like 80s movies app?”

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