Running man

Well today I registered for the Half Marathon in the Cincinnati Flying Pig on May 4th.  I ran in the relay last year (7 miles) and had a blast, so this year I thought I would take it to the next level.  The half will be challenging because it’s a different part of the course than I ran last year (alot more hills) so I’ll have to be double focused on training.  One nice thing about running the half will be that I can run with the people I am training with.  Last year my relay team was from the local YMCA and it was nice to train with them, but I didn’t get to see much of them on race day.  This time, I should be with the same group the whole time which will help me keep pace.
I’ll post regular updates here…the training begins Feb 11th.






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  1. Scott Avatar

    Better man than I. I’ll stick to watching the highlights on the late night news.

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