If SL = AOL, then ?? = the Net

One other interesting thought from the FIR interview with Erica Driver

was an off hand comment she made about SL being kind of like AOL in that it’s a walled garden.  This has been one of my biggest problems with using SL as a real business tool: it’s the most disconnected tool I use on the net.  My blog/facebook/twitter/flickr/youetube/skype experiences are all connected to one another in more or less meaningful and useful ways.
Second Life is mostly an experience unto itself.  What’s more even when I am in SL, it’s still way to hard to bring in documents and other objects from my desktop or from the cloud to work on with others.  Now maybe the second issue will be solved once Linden finally adds a browser that can be used by residents from within the SL client.  Imagine pointing it at Google Docs and developing a presentation together – admittedly the collab features from within Google Docs are pretty awesome.
It does make me wonder if the opportunity is out there to usurp SL’s market leading position the same way AOL was passed by by the wave of the open web.  Maybe guys like Meta Place have it right?






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