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I saw this yesterday and for some reason it stuck with me:
‘Guitar Hero,’ ‘Rock Band’ drive music sales – Internet-
There’s really a lot to this when you think about it.  Here’s what I see:

  1. user’s want to be in control.  They don’t just want to listen to music, they want to be part of creating it.
  2. the music studios spent way too much time worrying about DRM and not nearly enough time worrying about how they could provide a better experience

    Dead End trailer for their customers.  There’s still time though. There is a lot to the music experience that the record labels and the artists have unique access to that, if given a chance, would make for very loyal fans.  They just have to re-work their thinking to focus on the total experience of music, not just th recorded track.

  3. MTV is really smart.  Their acquisition f the company that put out Rockband shows they really get it and will remain a force in the entertainment industry for years to come.
  4. Guitar Hero (and I guess Rockband although I have no first hand experience) are way to addictive to complely non-talented people like me to be good for society.  I leave that comment to stand on its own with no further explanation lest I loose the few readers I have 😉






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  1. Scott Avatar

    This just proves once again that mfrs/industries need to be “innovative” rather than trudge on with the status quo. Look at xbox/ps3 vs wii… W/out the wii, we’d still be using static controllers that if we’re lucky would vibrate or allow some basic interaction. The wii knew they probably couldn’t overtake the leaders in high end gaming, so why not really involve the user!
    Change the rules of the game!

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