A quick diagram of my web footprint

Hmm… although I thought that I was staying fairly independent from Facebook (only depending on their "friends" listing and keeping all other content in other apps that plug-in) this quick sketch shows that really the only way to get notified of all my content adds is to be a "friend" of mine on Facebook. I guess they really are evil!

Another insight is that the state of web services is really quite amazing.  The fact that I can connect all of these disparate sites into one coordinated footprint is a true testament to the fact that this stuff does work.

It’s also a testament to the power of ad supported models.  For everything above, I only pay out of my own pocket about $75 a year ($25 or so to flickr for a pro account and $50 or so to go daddy for my domain and hosting account).  That’s really an amazing value when you think about it.

(Thanks to one of my SL buddies Igori for giving me the idea to map this out)






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