Can’t wait for more Diesels in the US

I still love my 2006 Jetta TDI (44.5 MPG over the past 36,300 miles) and can’t see why the Detroit auto makers don’t try to get something going in this market.  For all the attention paid to hybrids, it is still the case that for most American’s a Diesel would be a better alternative than a hybrid (mainly due to driving styles – highway vs. city).  Well according to the Detroit News, they may have finally gotten the memo.  I’m due to replace my wife’s Tahoe soon and would love to be able to get GM’s small Diesel in a full sized Tahoe or Suburban.  I’d bet it would get easily 30-40% better fuel economy, putting it somewhere in the 25-28 MPG Highway category.
Big 3 go after diesel market

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