Amazon update

Well, well.  How things change in 24 hours.  I have no idea whether it was due to my post yesterday about my big problems with Amazon telling me 5 days before Christmas that my kids wouldn’t be getting their presents until February (although I would like to think that it was ;-)), but today I got this email from Amazon:

Greetings from I Am Sam buy

We thought you’d like to know that we shipped your items, and that this
completes your order.

So how’s that for a change of circumstances?  I was a little suspicious, but when I checked the numbers on the UPS site, sure enough there are two on their way to my house for delivery today.  Interestingly they are coming from two different warehouses in PA.
So how does this change things?  First and most importantly my kids will get their presents on Christmas (assuming the UPS isn’t lying to me also).  That makes things alot better.  However, Amazon hasn’t woprked their way off my naughty list quite yet.  What if, in a Christmas induced panic, I had gone out and bought some things to make up for the Pleo-less Christmas Amazon had told me to expect? I would be faced with a day yesterday of waiting in lines and going crazy to find things my kids would actually want and today of waiting in lines to return things.  Fortunately that didn’t happen (I had a previously scheduled appointment to go sporting clay shooting), but it very easily could have.
This switcheroo (we don’t have it…oh, wait, yes we do) still doesn’t give me any more faith in Amazon’s systems to know what they are going to have when, at least when it comes to ‘hot’ (in the good sense, not the legal sense) items.  So thanks to Amazon for making my and my kids Christmas merry…but you still will have to do a bit better in keeping track of your $hit.






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