Amazon is on my list (and not the nice one)

After looking at all the options on my kids Christmas lists, my wife and I decided that the Pleo was the best overall option.  So we went to their site to find out where we could buy a couple a few weeks ago.  There were 5 stores offered on the official site: Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Sharper Image and Target.  Of the five, I had the most confidence in Amazon to have a accurate view of how many they had coming and when they would ship.  Turns out that confidence was misplaced.  I got this email this morning:

Unfortunately, an unexpected delay from our supplier may prevent
us from delivering some items in your order placed on December 12 2007 05:37 PST
(Order# 105-0816331-9056265) by December 24.  Other items that may be in
stock will still ship separately, with no increase in your total shipping
“Pleo Dinosaur – A Ugobe Life Form” [Electronics]
Estimated arrival date: 02/20/2008

The original estimated arrival date was 12/20/2007.  It’s going to be 2 months late!!!  I think I could get by with my kids for a few days, or even a week, but 2 months to wait for their main Christmas present is too much to ask an eight and a six year old.  The problem now is, what do I get them?  It’s the 20th of December and there are only 4 more shopping days left.  Is most of the good stuff gone?  I’m afraid I will be finding out today…
Needless to say, Amazon has lost some of my trust.  I will still be going there for books, music and the occasional DVD.  But I will be avoiding anything that says ‘pre-order’ next to it.  They obviously don’t have that part of their process worked out.

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