Welcome to the newest Hilbert in town

Congrats to John and Lisa on their newest addition:
Elise Margaret « Hilby’s Blog
Elise Margaret – may google find this post year’s from now, so you can know a little about what you are getting yourself into:

  • Your father is absolutely insane, but obviously has a some strange hold over your mother.  He actually convinced her to have a party at your new house 3 days before you were born.  It was a great time and everyone had a good time (especially at the play…Santaland Diaries – act 1 was much better than act 2 though), but I know of no other husband that could get his wife to agree to that!
  • Your mother obviously runs things (you probably already know that by now).  There was a fierce and long debate about what to name you, your mother won out.  Like there was ever any doubt…but your dad fought to the end.  He wanted to name you Kara (kidding).
  • You’ve got 3 great older brothers who I am sure will have alot to say about who you see ‘socially’.  Let them do there job and I’m sure it all work out.
  • Some day you may meet your hyperactive dog, although it may be a few months.  One tip: don’t run away from him.






2 responses to “Welcome to the newest Hilbert in town”

  1. Lisa Avatar

    I don’t really run things. I just got lucky and caught him at a weak moment. And if she ever gets mad at me in the future I can remind her that I saved her from being named Beatrice…or Starbuck.

  2. John Avatar

    I’m not crazy, the only way I could motivate myself to clean the house for Elise’s arrival was to invite a bunch of people over 2 days before.
    And what better way to celebrate the holidays and an impending birth than to watch a monologue that ends with a baby in a dryer going thump…thump…thump.

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