Really interesting view to life in 2030

I saw this this morning and it took me a while to digest it (to be honest I had to find someone who could print it on a large format printer in our office).  It is a really spectacular piece of work that gives a little something different each time you look at it.  The map shows a day in the life of a “networked designer”…at first its a bit overwhelming, but as you start to read through the ‘bubbles’ you can see how a lot of what is going on today could evolve to something like what the map shows.   Then it can get really overwhelming since the technology to make all of these ‘transactions’ easy and with the right level of control is no where near what we have to deal with today.  Imagine if your daily notebook looked something like this!  I guess the first step in solving the problem is envisioning.
IFTF’s Future Now: Visualizing Future Stories: A Day in the Life of a Designer, 2030






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  1. Irene Pereyra Avatar

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the flattering comments on our 2030 project, its nice to see people enjoying it after months of hard work.
    I’m impressed you took the time to print it out, it’s definitely not the most accessible piece of work for viewing on your computer at the office 😉
    Nice blog!
    Irene Pereyra

  2. Tom Klinkowstein Avatar

    Hi –
    It’s an extrapolation of how we know live now–magnified by the 85 invented technologies in the diagram.
    I read in Scientific American 8 months ago or so that envisioning the future (even if it doesn’t come true), is among the most satisfying of human pursuits.
    Tom Klinkowstein

  3. Nik Avatar

    Hi all,
    For those of you interested in a look behind the scenes of this fascinating project, an interview with Tom & Irene has just been put online at ‘a thousand tomorrows’.

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