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An interesting idea coming from the big online email vendors: let’s turn people’s inbox into a social network. Don’t get me wrong: I love gmail. But email in general has such a bad name these days (info overload, spam, viruses…) I doubt they will be able to convince “social network true believers” (that view email as too formal) to ever move back. If this serves to get people that are used to email used to social networking (a facebook training wheels maybe?) then it will help out the net populace in general, but I don’t think it will get everyone on myspace all day back into using Yahoo Mail.
Social networks of the future could be email based – Download Squad

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  1. Dave Borzillo Avatar
    Dave Borzillo

    Stay tuned to this website….
    Several of my former co-workers have just started the company and I think it will tackle this issue.

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