Facebook has haters

With the announcement this week of Open Social by Google, the microscope is really going to be on Facebook and how its application platform is evolving.  The post below from the Open Innovators blog is pretty critical of the openness of the Facebook platform.  I can’t disagree with anything that is said, but honestly I have been using facebook a little differently than it seems a lot of people do.  I certainly depend on the contact features to keep track of the my network (and would like to see that be a little more accessible should I ever want to or need to leave the site), but other than that I use all outside apps for my content there.  My pictures come in there from my flickr account.  My musings come in there from my blog (through a WordPress connector).  My updates come in from Twittr.  So I am really using Facebook as a publishing mechanism to my network, rather than a place to gather applications that allow me to express myself on the web.
Is Facebook Open? – Open innovation and crowdsourcing






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