Big Pig Face

This past weekend I did something I haven’t done since college…now that your minds have wandered, let me plant you back in reality: I had a pig roast. We’ve had an annual fall party at our place since we moved there a few years ago. It grows a little bit every year and this year it looked like we would be having 30-40 people. Perfect for a pig roast.
I found some good directions on building a roaster, marinating and cooking the pig on a great site. I followed them to the “t”, with a few added bits (some mesquite early on in the cooking) and the results were great.
Pig on Roaster
Honestly I was so worried about not getting the pig done, I started way to early and just ended up keeping it warm for the last few hours. It was still great nonetheless and didn’t really need any sauce.
Eating the Pig
If you ever have the need to feed 40 to 50 people and don’t want to spend hours in front of the grill cooking hamburgers at the best part of the party, I highly recommend a pig roast. It’s easier and tastier than you think.






2 responses to “Big Pig Face”

  1. Jim Avatar

    Can you post some links for resources? I want to do the same thing, but thought I would start small with a turkey or something.
    Thanks, Jim.

  2. Chris Avatar

    Sure thing Jim. Linked up in the body of the story now.

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