Scoble sticks up for older facebook users

My facebook experiment is about 6 weeks old.  One of the first things  did was join a few networks.  Since my UGS email address was still active I was able to get into that network (which currently has about 120 members).  I had also just received my email address so I joined that network too (currently at 3,938 members).  I haven’t run in to anyone making fun of me for being “old” (for the record, I’m 34) and have found the ability to connect with people in both companies (but especially inside Siemens) extremely valuable.  I haven’t quite given up email for facebook (and blogging and twitter) – although I would love to! – but I do think it is more than a fad for business use.
Laughing at Facebook’s “older” users « Scobleizer






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