Getting my kids a PC

Not looking to get into a debate about whether getting my kids their own PCs is a good idea or not.  They are outside plenty, read books and eat vegetables.  I also know enough to not let them use it in their room and to install filtering software to keep them off questionable sites and chat rooms.  Most of all I know that being as comfortable with a computer as they are with pen and paper is critical to the rest of their academic career and future employment.
So, I’ve pretty much decided that for Christmas this year, I am going to get them each their own laptop.  Nothing super fancy, but something they can play educational games on, get on the net and start to use it for class work.  Now the question is what kind?
I’ve pretty much ruled out Macintosh, mainly because I wouldn’t be able to maintain it / answer their questions and also because of cost.  So that leaves me with picking from one of the weekly WSJ Dell specials….or getting them an XO.
One Laptop Per Child — XO Giving
I like the XO for durability and simplicity reasons.  I also like the idea of being able to help out 4 kids (2 of my own and 2 I will likely never meet).
So what would you buy your kids?






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