Welcome to party guys

So it seems the guys over at Solid Works have woekn up to the fact that there is a 3D revolution going on on the web.  I saw this announcement on their Labs site today and stopped by their island to take a look.  Unfortunately there was no one there to chat with, so I gave myself the self guided tour.  Pretty good start.  A few freebies (although the sarong wasn’t available in my size) and lots of tiki torches and Easter island idols (it’s a geek getaway theme).
The interactives have some room or work, but I’m sure they will get there.  Welcome to the pool guy…the water’s fine.
SolidWorks Labs – Second Life






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  1. Greg Avatar

    I also held off getting a second life (still working on the first!) – but finally did… I visited a couple of "serious" islands like the Solidworks one and also found nobody else there. It was a lonely walk. In such circumstances I do not see anything beneficial over their regular web presence. i.e. the demo movies, company mission statements make just as much sense in a regular webpage as they do in SL. Given this, do you really think there is a future for such islands, or will they start to gather electronic tumbleweed soon?
    I work in the industry, so am definitely in the early adopter mold for most things, but I'm really struggling with the SL concept.

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