I'm one in a million


Some interesting stats gatheredon facebook from Shrel Isreal.  Since I’ve signed up for facebook I’ve used it more to learn about social networks than as an actual social network (I know that doesn’t make much sense, but that’s the best I can say it right now).  Now it seems that the network effect is really taking off for facebook.  Having been a linkedin user (actually I probably still am a linkedin user….can you ever get rid of these accounts???) the one thing I like about facebook is the addition of groups, networks and applications.  These all make it a bit more useful.  Being a somewhat active blogger and user of the wordpress platform however, I find the closed platform of facebook to be a bit troubling.  Who ultimately owns my online identity?  Me or Facebook?  What I really want is just a social network plugin for wordpress that would let me connect with other bloggers, keep track of updates and do all the other things you can do on facebook.  Then I would know that I own it and can do with my online identityt what I please.
Global Neighbourhoods: Facebook Ascending
# Over 150,000 registrants daily. That’s 1 million a week since January.
# 35 million users today. Of course that number will be off a million one week from today.
# Half user are outside college. That number was zero in Sept. 2006.
# 0ver 40 billion page views in May 2007
# Average visitor stays 20 minutes
# Most growth is among people over age 25.
# 47,000 Facebook groups.






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