Seems I am not the only one that had problems with Delta out of N.Y.C.


Well at least I know they weren’t just picking on me a few weeks ago. N.Y.C. seems to be the source of a lot of problems for Delta:
Calacanis on Delta

At least I wasn’t stuck on a plane when I was trying to get out of JFK.
Not sure if anyone from Delta is following all of this, but if you are pay attention: give your customers information. Bad news is better than no news. But made up news is worse than anything. Get your facts straight and tell people what’s going on. At a little contingency planning might do you some good as well – maybe some flights might get delayed and they will need food. How hard is it to have some simple meals stored away that you can drive out on a truck to planes sitting on the tarmac for longer than the expected flight duration?






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