More battery woes

My mobile kit continues to solidify and I am really close to a set-up that really works for me.  What I carry with me:

    Beneath Still Waters movie

  • TC4400 HP Tablet PC with 2GB Ram and 120 GB HD + spare battery and charger
  • External 60 GB Drive
  • Nokia N800 Internet Tablet
  • T-mobile MDA (aka HTC Wizard) + spare battery
  • Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard
  • SanDisk 4GB usb drive
  • SanDisk USB card reader
  • Verizon EVDO card
  • Nikon Coolpix L6 digicam (with 1 GB SD Card)
  • Roland Edirol digital audio recorder (with 1 GB SD Card)

I carry this all in a Booq brand back back.  In total my pack tips under 10 lbs and is small enough to easily fir under the seat of any airline.
The one area I have not been very happy with is power.  I tried a Battery Geek battery a few months back and could never get it to power my TC4400, so back it went.  Last week I decided to give portable external batteries another try.  I was in the airport and picked up one of the Energizer USB chargers for cell phones.  You know, the one that you stick in two AA batteries and connect to your phone and get a mobile recharge.  Well it’s nice in theory, but didn’t work for my MDA.  After plugging in for about an hour and getting the ‘charge’ light on my phone, I disconnected and within 5 minutes by phone died, completely drained of power. I powered it ack up off my laptop and tried again the next day with the same result.  So if there’s anyone out there that hasn’t run out and got the new T-Mobile Wing, don’t bother with the Energizer chargers…they don’t seem to work with the MDA.






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