Update on the N800

Well, so far I am mixed on my new Nokia N800. On the plus side:

  • The screen is great. Perfect size and the brightness makes it work in all situations.
  • The browser is the best I have on any small device
  • The open platform means that there can be alot of interesting apps borught over (trying MPlayer when I get the time
  • The instant on and battery life is great.
  • It works great with both Google Mail and Outlook Web access
    On the negative side:
  • It turns out that I can’t use my T-mobile MDA as a modem to connect when there is no wifi because I have flashed it to AKU3 which eliminated the DUN BT profile, replacing it only with a PAN profile…that of course isn’t supported by th N800. So it looks like I am going to upgrade my Verizon EVDO card when it comes up on one year (6/21) for a Moto RAZR that has BT and supports the DUN profile. Any other suggestions on Verizon? Anything out there with better battery life?
  • For being a device that is supposed to be ‘net centric’ it would be nice if Google Docs and Google Reader worked. I know that Docs is more fo a google problem (it won’t allow the opera browser to access the site) but reader should work. I’m ready to go all in and live in the browser on this device, but it won’t let me.

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