Back in Europe this week

I arrived in Barcelona yesterday morning. Only here for a few days, but when I got to my hotel from the airport my room wasn’t ready so I checked my bag, grabbed my camera and hit the town  After walking towards the big hill (it looked a lot closer than it turned out to be) for about 2 hours, I bought a ticket to the city tour bus and headed around the city.
I’m not sure what to think of Barcelona so far.  Everything is fine, but not great.  The food is fine, the architecture is fine, the people are fine.  Nothing outstanding yet (except maybe the weather).  I’m here until tomorrow afternoon when I head back to CVG for a whole week in the office.  The first whole week since the end of March, so it will finally give me time to catch up on expense reports and stacks of mail.  Sorry to any of you that are waiting on something from me.
As you have likely all seen the Siemens acquisition closed on Friday/Monday.  It’s business as usual for us and our partners.  A few branding changes, but we’re used to those by now.Black Rain trailer






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