Day 1 of UGS in Second Life

The reaction to the launch of UGS Innovation Connection in Second Life has been very positive so far. It seems that most people in world ‘get’ why we would want to be there and are giving us a chance. It also was evident that after a 3 minute demo at our user group yesterday even people that had never heard of second life pretty quickly latched on to the concept.
There’s also a view reviews that are popping up on the web:
UGS Take 3D Collaborative Tools to Second Life | Metaversed Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself movie full
Ambling in Second Life: UGS PLM in SL with ESC
UGS PLM in SL with ESC
UGS Users Need a Face Lift, but Only the Software Gets One « 3D CAD NEWS
We had a total of about 200 visitors to our island while I was hanging out yesterday. Some were other UGS team members, some where trying to sell us something (directory services, consulting, etc.) and others where just curious residents. A good first day.






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