My new toy

Everyone needs a friend with a truck and now all of my friends have one. I have been in the market for a truck pretty much since we bought our farm a year and a half ago. However, the requirements list kept getting more extensive the longer I kept looking, so on Friday last week I finally pulled the trigger before I ended up needing one of these

. I started with a simple need for a truck to haul feed, bedding, etc. to the barn. Then I realized that I needed something to pull a trailer, and not just any trailer, a 3-4 horse gooseneck trailer. Throw in 4 wheel drive and a big diesel engine (I am a big diesel fan since I bought my Jetta TDI) and you get what I bought:
This is my “new” (2000) Ford F-250. After looking in a number of different places, I ended up buying from someone on craigslist (the same place I sold my minvan last fall) in Columbus. I drove it around a bit on Saturday and its a lot of fun. I have to buy a oil field to fill it up, but as a third car it really can’t be beat.






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