Service awards as psychological profiling?

I reached a milestone last week and celebrated my 10 year service anniversary with SDRC/EDS/UGS/(Siemens). I received a nice package during the ‘ceremony” (it was a group dinner at the hotel we were staying at for the staff meeting) that has a letter in it with instructions for me to claim my award. I went to the website and found these options:
It immediately occurred to me that this is a giant exercise in profiling. Now I don’t think that everyone is spying on me (except you that read my blog, but that’s spying with permission), but the assortment of gifts is just too strange.

    The Chair the movie

  • There’s the safe gift (the globe)
  • Then there’s a geek gift (the camera)
  • There there’s the slacker / exec gift (golf bag)
  • The ever popular “I gotta get something for my wife because I’m gone all the time gift” (the candle sticks)
  • And the slightly scary gift (spotting scope…when do I get the rifle, at 20 years?)

So the big question is, which one should I get?






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