Ohio U makes a name for itself

Hah, take that west coast schools, you’ve got nothing on us mid-western corn-fed universities on music piracy.  Maybe Ohio U should consider a name change?  The Ohio U Swashbuclkers?  Ohio U Raiders?  Bobcats sounds so un-pirate like 😉
Forget party schools: The RIAA lists the top piracy schools in the US






One response to “Ohio U makes a name for itself”

  1. Hilby Avatar

    Avast!!! I be a graduate of Ohio University!
    I had a Minor in piracy, but since the Internets were just in their infancy in the early nineties, the Piracy classes were things like: Pillaging 101, Swordmanship and Advanced Treasure Burial.
    These young Generation Y pirates be weak.

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