You are (at most) three degrees from the Governator

If you are reading this, you are at most 3 degrees of separation from Arnold Schwarzenegger, current governor of Califronia. The first degree is me. I am assuming that if you read my blog you ‘know’ me so that counts. The rest of the connection works like this:
Before we moved to the farm last year we lived in a nice ‘starter’ sub-division for about 9 years. It was out first house and we were the 4th to move into the neighborhood. Our neighbors on one side had basically the same house floorplan and moved in about 6 months later. We were a very friendly bunch, especially when there were only 10-15 houses built in the whole sub. There were lots of parties, etc. It turns out that our neighbors sons has gone on to become a Hollywood movie star.
His first credit was the motion capture for the lead character in The Polar Express (someone else did the voice). He later had a bit part in Kicking and Screaming. His feature break came as one of the co-stars of Zathura and then later RV with Robin Williams. This past weekend we met up with our old neighbors to see his starring role in The Bridge to Terebithia. So that’s the second degree.
The third degree is the actor that played the dad in Bridge, Robert Patrick, who was also the T2000 terminator in Terminator 2, which also (of course) starred the current governor of the great state of California.
Anyone any closer?






2 responses to “You are (at most) three degrees from the Governator”

  1. Hilby Avatar

    Kicking and Screaming starred Robert Duvall. That puts you 3 steps from just about every actor in the world. Duvall was in Apocalypse Now, and The Godfather movies.
    How was the movie by the way, it’s been getting good reviews. Was the subject too intense for M and K?

  2. Chris Avatar

    Awesome, three degrees from Marlon Brando! It really makes me wonder about this whole 7 degrees thing. I mean with all the focus on networking in the last few years, surely that’s dropped down to at most 6 degrees, right?
    The movie was very well done. It was well written and acted. The story was told in a way that our kids got what happened without being overwhelmed by it (although my 5 year old still thinks she’ll come back in Terebithia part 2). That being said, the marketing department for this one should be taken behind the studio and shot. I wasn’t expecting Narnia, but you see almost all of the ‘fantasy’ parts of this one in the 60 second commercial. The rest is just straight acting and scenes. I don’t need ever movie to be all CG all the time, but the commercials for this one are very misleading.

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