The things you hear at Walmart

My family and I went to Walmart on Sunday to pick up a few groceries we had forgotten at our trip to the “real” store the day before.  We’ve had a rash of bad weather around Cincinnati the last few days and on Sunday everyone was gearing up for it.  So it wasn’t much of a surprise when we got there that they were completely out of rock salt or that the cart behind us was filled with bread (Wonder, of course) and milk (whole, of course).  What did surprise me a little was the conversation between the father (about my age) and son (about 6):

Father: “Now son, you better get your letters done tonight, ’cause you ain’t likely to be goin’ to school the rest of this week.”
Son: (clutching a copy of ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’): “And what if I don’t?”
Father:” Then you ain’t gonna get to play that game there!”

Now, I remember my few snow days filled with sled riding and hot chocolate.  Times have changed.






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