Bad experience with BatteryGeek

UPDATE: Not sure if this is a demonstration of the power of a blog or not, but I just got an email from the BatteryGeek guys that my new battery is on its way.  I’ll provide another update when it comes.  Hopefully this one will work better than the last.
I posted in the fall last year that I ordered an extended battery from This was after reading a few positive recommendations and endorsements around the web, mostly from the JKontheRun crew. Before my purchase I exchanged a few emails with the batterygeek customer service team and got a few recommendations for batteries that were supposed to work with my HP TC4400. I finally settled on the BG15-21-130 and placed an order. It arrived a few days later and I read the instructions and charged it up.
After letting it charge for an entire day, I found the connector that fit the TC4400 and…nothing. After fiddling with it for a while, I decided to send a quick email to customer service which was answered pretty quickly. Evidently I had to “activate” my battery by pressing down on the charge indicator light for a 30 seconds. No worries. Did that and hooked it all back up and…nothing.
Back to customer support and this time the response was just as quick and after a week or so of back and forth it was decided that I had ordered a battery that had insufficient current output. An RMA was issued and I shipped it back to exchange for a BG18-21-111. That was on November 27th 2006. Its now almost two months later and I still don’t have a battery back. I have pinged them once a week and at first they responded with “we’ll check the status”, now they don’t even respond. So today I contacted my credit card company and filed a dispute. It’s too bad really…I did like the idea of their product, but the service made it unworkable.






3 responses to “Bad experience with BatteryGeek”

  1. Michael Avatar

    I’d be wary of the sites that accept money from BatteryGeek when reading their recommendations.
    Your experience isn’t all that different from mine. The people at BatteryGeek are people to avoid.

  2. MichaelH Avatar

    So did your new battery ever arrive?

  3. Chris Avatar

    I did a new battery the day after I wrote this post. However, it wouldn't power my TC4400 either, so I sent it back. I got the HP extended battery and it has been working fine. I can get 8 hours with Max Battery profile and no WiFi.

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