I'm number 12!


Wow, I’m the number 12 CAD blog…I didn’t even know I was a CAD blog ;-).
Just to be perfectly clear again, calling this a CAD blog (or a PLM blog, etc.) is a bit of a misnomer.  This is a personal blog: I write about things that are interesting to me.  Since I work for a PLM company there are things about CAD, PLM, etc that interest me.  But I am also a father, an amateur farmer and a semi-professional geek.  So I will write about a lot of other stuff as well.  Just want to make sure that I don’t mis-set anyone’s expectations.
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2 responses to “I'm number 12!”

  1. Franco Folini Avatar

    I fixed the misspelling. Thank you for noticing it.
    Almost all the blogs in the list have some personal topic, you are not the only one. It’s the nature of the blog. I didn’t want to draw a line separating CAD bog and non-CAD blog. I liked to include blogs directed to the CAD community. And from this point of you, I surely consider your blog a CAD blog.

  2. Chris Avatar

    Franco – no worries, the spelling happens all the time. The story in my family is that we are the poor side because we had to buy an extra vowel 😉
    Also don’t mind the listing at all – in fact I appreciate it very much. Just didn’t want a bunch of folks stopping by my blog from your link today, maybe subscribing and then getting upset in a few weeks when I have a whole bunch of “off-topic non-CAD posts” in a row.

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