It's that time again – sales kickoff!

I find myself in Dallas again for my first trip of the new year.  I obviously had too long of a layoff from traveling as I forgot both my dress socks and my black belt (I normally despise hotel gift shops, but in this case they were a godsend).
Our global sales kickoff started today with over 1600 sales, pre-sales and services people, (including over 200 partners).  As always it is a great chance to see people face to face a hear what’s really going on with our customers and competition.  I’m sitting in the digital product development session right now and I’m really impressed.  I’m part of the marketing team, but the team that put this session together has really done something to remember: we’ve got some CAx stuff coming out that even I am really excited about.  For me, who has been around our (and our competition’s) CAx apps for over 10 years and has “seen it all” that is truly something to be proud of.






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