Officially making the switch to Google Reader

While I have dabbled with Google Reader since the September update, I have as of the new year made the switch from NewsGator Online. I finally took the time to move over my most up to date OPML file and have most of my feeds synchronized from a read/unread perspective. A few reasons for the switch:

  • There were finally enough customizations to allow me to overcome the two shortcomings: search (go figure) and font size (for a long list of all the greasemonkey scripts available for Google Reader, see here)
  • Google Reader Mobile – I do like to have at least the option to read feeds on the go
  • It’s easy to tag articles for sharing – I have been sort of doing this with the side bar, but this seems a little more full featured and accessible for just link blogging.
  • Keyboard shortcuts – after spending the 15 minutes to learn them, they do save a lot of time.

So far for a little investment of time, I think Google reader has delivered a few serious returns.  I was on Newsgattor Online for almost 19 months, so we’ll see how long Google Reader can keep my attention.






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